About KOA

Opening the doors
to your dream job.

How KOA was born

KOA was founded by Tamara Schenk out of the strong will of simplifying the job finding process off- and online. She herself was lucky – through some coincidences she got to meet outstanding executives, which back then seemed absolutely unreachable, almost like meeting superhero’s. Meeting them and understanding that they are pretty normal human beings she understood that if they made it into their position, she could also do it. Yes, anybody could! That was the moment KOA was born.

KOA means brave, bold and fearless

And KOA is here to elevate women into leading roles, fearlessly, by opening necessary doors. KOA is the first conference for female candidates in Berlin. And it’s here to help: to bring the best companies together with the most ambitious women. We grew over 400 % from the first to the second KOA Conference, helped many women find their dream job – and made them network partners and friends for life.

KOA gained the trust of these amazing companies and many more, which makes us more than proud!

KOA 2021

When 2020 the pandemic hit the world in an unexpected way it seemed that KOA had to shut its doors forever. But like many things in life: “what’s meant to be, will be.” In 2021 Tamara partnered up with Felix Brandts, founder of Peak Hospitality Group and Dr Elmar Voigt as strategic partners to proceed with the KOA mission. Peak Hospitality focuses on operational excellence in event management, designing exceptional brand experiences and building strong communities in the online and offline world. A perfect match. Together they will lift the KOA Mission to a whole new level.