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2. November 2018
at Station Berlin

In Collaboration With wandelZEIT
by Coaches
Deep Dive

Time for

Our mission is to provide an experience driven platform to interconnect, empower and grow conscious and successful XYZ-talents and leaders of all kind.

We especially love to unlock the full potential of women embracing their feminine power to create equality!

The goal is to interconnect all participants of the KOAconference with each other – talents, speakers and our partners – to provide the best possible outcome for all in attendance. A new experience of Deep Dive conversations, Masterclasses, Company Lounges, Networking Sessions and the KOAapp are part of the KOAconference 2018.

We are looking froward to getting an interesting crowd of people together in the welcoming halls of the STATION Berlin. Just imagine what is possible when we all come together and create the change we are all longing for! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!


The KOAconference started in 2017 at the Hotel the Rome with 21 speakers and partners from companies like Deutsche Telekom, Shazam, Montblanc, Babor, Continental, Flixbus and many more. The goal was to bring successful leaders and ambitious talents together to create a dialogue that is full of opportunities.

This year KOA is taking the KOAconference , in co:creation with the coaches and consultants from wandelZEIT, to the next level and aims to find solutions for a more equal and diverse society in which talents understand their potential and have a support system that grows together.

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